DIY Travel Search & Booking

DIY! The links below are directly to my Travel Suppliers. Some people like to search and book on their own so feel free to do so.  When you click on each link you will find an explanation of the type of travel you will find for that Supplier. Feel free to contact me, Dori Kimball, should you have any questions.  If you feel confident that you have found what you want go ahead and book that itinerary. The added value of these links is that my travel agent services are included! You don't have to communicate with me if you don't want to, but I am here if you need me.

There are so many great destinations to meet your travel needs. If you have a group that wants to travel please contact me with your group details and I will take the stress out of your group trip! 


we travel not to escape life but..


"900 destinations and over 30k resorts/hotels: Mexico, Caribbean, USA, Hawaii, Central American, Europe and Asia. This is the place to search and book for your on the beach or close to beach vacation."  Click GoFunJetVacations to find your next vacation.