The link below is to my DKTravel4You review page on Travel Leaders Network. 

Here are some testimonials from past clients, that I received by email:

  • Amtrak - Glacier Nat Park, Seattle, San Francisco: 9-28-19 Thank you for all your work, it was very much appreciated. Thinking about next trip...
  • Amtrak cross country trip:9-2-19 Hey Dori, Sounds like they are enjoying themselves! Steak dinner last night and new friends! They're joining a couple at the lounge in Chicago. We're so pleased!  9-28-19 Hello Dori, They had a great time! In fact, they hope to visit again next year.
  • Amtrak roundtrip 10 days: Dear Dori, We had a great trip! Great scenery, good service, and good food. The only real problem we had was with the design of the sleeper cars they were designed more for profit than comfort. Amtrak should have taken lessons from the pullman company. The narrow stairways and beds were hard to negotiate by older people. Having said that, you did a great job and we had a good time.  Yours,  L&A P...
  • Amtrak trip to Casino: DKtravel4you with Dori Kimball. She arranged a trip for us to Lake Charles from San Antonio via Amtrak. Awesome trip We were so relaxed. No need to drive and miss scenery. Sit up top and see all that goes by. The staff is super friendly and funny. The food is amazing. We ate in the dining car. Every meal was perfect. Plus there is a snack bar. Seating is way spacious with recliner seats. If you get a chance check out an Amtrak trip with Dori. We will for sure do again. She is the best in making arrangements for travel.
  • TN cabin - family vacation:   Dori, The trip went perfect. Everything was what it showed to be, but even better. The cabin was clean and well kept. Very easy to find and a lot of cabins to choose from. Will be making another trip that way in the future.  P.S.  You already have been recommended by us to others we visit with. You did an awesome job to help us out. Thank You!